COVID-19 Your Care - General Information

Introduction of alternative measures to meet the unprecedented challenges to Current situation

It has been necessary for us to consider changes in the way we work given the nature of the crisis and advice from the government but we would like to assure our community that we are making every effort to maintain contact and offer support to patients. Please do visit this page for up to date information and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further advice or support.

However, we want to assure you that we are here to help you meet your health needs. As a team we are committed to providing support and care to patients and wider community. We are doing all we can to maintain continuity of care and services.

  1. We recognise that there are health problems other than COVID-19 infection that you may need help with and that if you have a medical emergency you still need to access urgent healthcare. 
  2. Please do not put off contacting us if you have a medical need, sometimes prompt actions can prevent developing an emergency or a hospital admission. 
  3. Outside of our opening hours, if you have an urgent medical (physical or mental health) need please visit or call 111 if you cannot access the website. If you develop symptoms of COVID 19 (new, continuous cough, fever ≥37.8) please go online or call 111 directly.

Key Message:

We are working hard to provide you with timely advice and care. All requests are being assessed over the phone or on-line. Please submit your requests on-line or call us first and a member of the team will be able to help you, or direct your request to someone who can help and bear with us while we make sure you receive timely advice.

If you need to be seen face to face we can organise it safely, following national guidance to minimise the risk of infection. We also have the ability to discuss your care with hospital specialists when needed. The hospital is also still “open for business” and if you need hospital care we can support you with this. 

Providing Your Care

In order to prevent spread of infection and minimise foot falls through the surgery door, we have introduced changes in the way we deal with your requests. We have introduced changes outlined below to maintain our work and continue to provide you with the care you need.

It is relevant to emphasise that whilst you might be able to speak with your own doctor for initial assessment, under such arrangements you may not be able to see your own doctor face to face.  

1. Telephone and Video Assessments:

We have successfully introduced telephone consultations and appreciate the patience and support patients have shown since introduction of new system. We are able to speak with patients on the phone and able to offer advice and treatment in majority of cases without face to face consultation. In appropriately identified clinical indications we have facilities to undertake video consultations. 

Please note any digital image submitted as part of an online consultation, will be stored within your clinical notes.

Our clinical team are trying their best to offer care and treatment remotely. They can send your prescription to a chemist of your choice please do let us know.

2. Face to face appointments:

Where it is absolutely necessary that face to face consultation is needed, we are making necessary arrangements to make sure you are able to see relevant member of the team. We are joining hands with neighbouring practices in order to preserve infection free premises in case infection spreads to a site. 

We have made arrangements at our premises on Shirley Avenue to see patients who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 infection and need face to face assessment. Please make sure you park in the car park behind the building and wait in your car or close to the building if you walk to the surgery (pictures provided at the bottom of this page) so that doctors/nurses seeing patients face to face can easily find you.

3. On-line clinical advice: 

In order to help you access care we have also set up online platform e-consult. Please use its easy to follow steps to submit your clinical request. We will review your submitted information and provide appropriate response either by electronic means using contact details that you provide or contacting you directly by telephone. 

Please note any digital image submitted as part of an online consultation, will be stored within your clinical notes.

Special Note for Children

COVID19 is unlikely to cause a serious illness in children, but please remember children can still become seriously unwell from other causes that are always around. Please do not let concerns over COVID19 stop you from contacting medical services. If you are not sure if your child needs to be seen please go to for advice or contact 111 or your GP. For information about crying babies go to If your child is severely unwell call 999 or go to ED.

Please do confirm that you are free of symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 infection and have not been exposed to possible risk of catching the infection so that we can make sure no one else in the practice is exposed to the risk of catching infection.

We appreciate your patience while we make every effort to follow above changes.