Stamping out infection without stumping your future chances of treatment

We want to relieve your symptoms and help you recover without any problems, however, antibiotics are not the answer to all infections we catch. 

Learn more about the reasons why we want to talk about antibiotics and avoid prescribing them if it is possible to treat your condition without them

Dental Infections and antibiotics

We appreciate that appointments with dentists are difficult to make. However, many dental problems related to pain and swelling can be effectively assessed and treated by dentists without need to prescribed antibiotics. We are very willing to provide advice and support for dental problems so that you feel able to manage your symptoms while making every effort to see a dentist for more definitive treatment.

You can help yourself by taking steps as follows:

  • Take regular pain medicine and we can consider prescribing stronger pain medicines if needed - until a dentist can see your for urgent treatment.
  • Repeated courses of antibiotics for abscess are not appropriate particularly when they are taken without drainage as they are ineffective in preventing spread of infection.
  • Antibiotics are only recommended if there are signs of severe infection or there is high risk of complications

Antibiotics are generally not indicated for otherwise healthy people at low risk of complications when there are no signs of spreading infection. In the absence of immediate attention by a dentist, we propose we only prescribe antibiotics - 

  • For people who are very unwell or if there are signs of severe infection (for example fever, enlarged lymph glands, overlying skin showing signs of infection or worsening swelling)
  • For high-risk individuals to reduce the risk of complications (for example people who are immunocompromised or have diabetes)

Plese support us stamp out infection without stumping your future chances of treatment.