We offer full support for national vaccination programme. You are welcome to contact reception team for further advice and support in making arrangements. Provided below are few links to support you in providing care to children after they have received vaccines. 

What to expect after vaccinations: leaflet for parents and carers Author: Public Health England Subject: What to expect after vaccinations

What to expect after vaccinations - leaflet for parents and carers (

Using Paracetamol to prevent and treat fever after MenB vaccition: This leaflet tells you about the common side effects of vaccinations that might occur in babies and young children up to five years of age.

Using paracetamol to prevent and treat fever after MenB vaccination (

General Information about Childcare

Healthier Together:

Healthier Together App: 

The NHS Healthier Together app has been designed to allow you to access care for your child much more easily. It provides information about selfcare and how to access local services.

Medicine for Children:

A very useful resource written by healthcare professionals with the help and support of parents. 

It provides a very helpful information about how to give medicines to children