COVID-19 Information

We welcome your cooperation and patience in our efforts to support NHS England and Public Health England in implementing their strategies for managing current crisis. As a result advice for you regarding what to do if you begin to display symptoms of COVID - 19 infection updated regularly.

On our part we have had to introduce changes in the way we deliver our service in order to support national prevention strategy.

We have introduced measures as follows

During normal opening hours we are available to offer advice and treatment, however, we are minimising face to face contact with patients to be arranged after careful assessment - we can offer assessment remotely by telephone or by video link. Please note that the changes in the way we work have been introduced to minimise the risk of spread of infection but we would like to assure you that we are here to help you address your health needs. We appreciate that there are health problems other than COVID-19 infection. Please do not put off contacting us if you feel you need medical advice.

For more details please follow links opposite and below:

COVID-19 Vaccination

We hope to provide uptodate information regarding COVID-19 vaccination programme please watch the sapece for more information regarding local developments. 

However, in the meantime please follow links below for further information about vaccine.

Covid Vaccination Programme for Southampton - information

Vaccination Guide for Older Adults

Vaccination Guide for Women who are Pregnant or Breast Feeding

COVID Vaccine Video

Key Information:

Information for Adults - All you need to know

What to Expect After Vaccination

Useful Information:

Pfizer Vaccine (Videos):

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  2. Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects