Mental Health

Mental Health

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

You can contact services directly to seek further support some key service available in Southampton are as follows

Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nurses aim to support every child’s health throughout their time at school and college. They work not only within schools and colleges but also where young people want to be seen. They will see all children, young people and their parents who are aged between 5-19 years and residing within Southampton for further information regarding their services and how to access help please visit their web page on the link below:

Telephone: 0300 123 6661
No Limits Drop In Centre:
The No Limits Advice Centre is an informal, friendly ‘one stop shop’ to receive help with any issues that children and young adults face may be facing, including relationships, sexual health, sexuality, alcohol and drugs, health and well-being issues, domestic violence or abuse, education, employment, finances and energy advice. One can visit alone or with a friend and there’s no appointment needed.
Contact Details:
No Limits Advice Centre, 13 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DF
Telephone: 02380 224 224
No Limits also offer Community Navigator for 13-25 years old - The Community Navigation service (also referred to as social prescribing) is for young people aged 13-25 who are experiencing emotional health and wellbeing issues (eg. feeling stressed, worried, lonely or not enjoying things). 
Further Information:
For further information to provide support to children as parents or young adults to seek support you can visit resources on the links provided below
  • School Nursing: 
  • Southampton City Council Early Help Hub: 
  • Re:Minds is a parent-led support group for families who have children/young people with autism or mental health issues. This includes a Facebook group which gives families a safe place to share their worries and ask questions as well as range of resources.
  • Healios: Healios is working towards ensuring children, young people and adults have the best chance of achieving their goals and fulfil their life's potential through supporting mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience. They offer range of services to support children and young adults. ThinkNinja: offers useful information regarding mental health in children and how to help them. 

Adult Mental Health:

Locally Steps to Wellbieng Service provides useful information and support related to mental health. Their website offers information related to range of conditions that can stop one from feeling their best, cope with personal and social difficulties or seek talking therapies such as counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy. 

They accept referrals from anyone over the age of 18 years who are registered at a Southampton City GP Practice. Referrals can be organised by us as your general practitioners, online or by phoning the service directly using details as follows

Online Self Referral: - Telephone Number: 08006127000

We are collating relevant information for adults. NHS Apps Library provides useful online platforms for self-help. You can download some free apps to learn more about mental health problems and how you can manage them yourself. 

You can also explore useful contact details provided here to seek mental health support available in Southampton. Key contact numbers are provided as follows

  1. Corona Virus Emotional Support: 02380179049
  2. Youth Affinity Service: Text 'Youth' to 07451276010
  3. Crisis helpline: Text "Lighthouse post code (your own postcode for example LIGHTHOUSE SO14 0YG) to 07451276010.