Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Stoke

High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Stroke

Life Style Changes:

We are keen to support you in managing your life style, exercise plans and activities to make sure you can prevent development of high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke or if you need help to make sure you can control them better to improve your health should you suffer from these problems. Please speak with your GP or one of our nurses if you would like to discuss about life style changes further. 

We can also refer you to Health and Wellbeing Coaches who are able to offer more intensive support to help you achieve your goals. 


Diet is corner stone in healthy living and helping your control high blood pressure or any problems related to heart or stroke. 

One useful tool is to use a Cholesterol Lowering Plan offered by heart UK - please follow this link to explore it further.

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Regular monitoring and excellent control of blood pressure is one of the corner stones in preventing development of complications related to blood pressure or heart disease. 

With developments in the technology you can monitor your own blood pressure at home and increasingly patients are opting to share their results with us. Should you wish to do so we can offer advice and options below:

  1. Your own blood pressure machine and learn how to measure your blood pressure (thanks to British Hypertension Society)
  2. You can make arrangements with local chemist to arrange readings.
  3. Borrow a machine from the surgery

If you decide to arrange blood pressure readings at home then ideally we would need readings taken on 4 consecutive days. Please discuss with us about frequency of monitoring and when you should contact us. 

You can also contact participating pharmacies to help you measure your blood pressure for free please follow this link to find a pharmacy providing this service.